A Memoir of a Multiple Personality
Casey Jones, D.Min.

From broken bones  to  a violated  innocence...

The true story of Casey Jones trapped in an unbearable

world of cruelty. 


No one heard her cries.... Casey Jones endured countless atrocities as a child.  Her mind shattered into alternate personalities, and she escaped into the arms of an angel. Despite the abusive home she was raised in, Casey found the strength to forge her way in the world, thriving as a flight attendant who entertained passengers with her in-flight songs and antics. 


Later, a calculating predator pulled her into his snare. This smooth talking, charismatic psychopath had everything under control, so he thought. Like so many others she was taken in, but realizing that God commands us to stand against evil, she fought back.

And the Angel Rocked Me

And the Angel Rocked Me will captivate, and inspire you!  Travel through heart-wrenching events as Casey confronts astonishing challenges head-on and is transformed by sheer God-given strength, steadfast determination, and unrelenting perseverance!  Casey exemplifies God’s desire for every survivor to rise above their suffering into a life filled with blessings.  This book is my favorite human interest story EVER!

Ken Wales, Producer of Feature films, East of Eden, Amazing Grace, the Christy Series, Alone Yet Not Alone, Unlikely Angel, and many more.



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© 2019 by Casey Jones.